Cash Flows, Budgets & Financial Projections

Cash flow forecasting

At RES Corporate Services Limited our goal is to help companies manage their cash flow issues to target sustainable growth. We help our clients build a strategic cash flow forecast that facilitates them in better evaluating their resource allocation needs and demands. This prepares you for future uncertainties and strategise ways to overcome these.

We also help businesses deal with 'what-if' scenarios to help them forecast how their business would react to price changes, modified interest rates, variances in staffing levels, etc.

This analysis and advice help you to identify the production resources and assessment needs within your businesses.

Forecasting Models 

We help you build an accurate forecasting model to assist you in understanding the key drivers of your cash system. We also suggest our business clients to re-forecast their business models to keep up with the changing business dynamics as to not become outdated and there for a reduction in quality decision making information.

Cash flow management systems

We help your business establish effective cash flow systems and opt for efficient forecasting practices. 

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