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RES Corporate Services Limited are Chartered Accountants and CAANZ Accredited Insolvency Practitioners.  We quickly identify the real problems and provide practical and commercial solutions, to achieve the best outcome for our clients. 

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We primarily specialise in performing insolvency engagements and have a reputation in the industry for taking a practical and commercial approach.  We have an established network of relationships with a number of law firms, lending institutions and valuation experts that enables us to provide services to a variety of industries and businesses.  We have a significant amount of experience in the property and investment industries.


In an insolvency engagement we act promptly to secure control of the assets, business and records to preserve value and maintain any associated goodwill.  From the outset we are continually assessing the commercial reality of the situation for the purpose of determining the best way to maximise the return to stakeholders. 


The performance of a liquidation often requires realising the company's remaining assets and investigating the affairs of the company in the period leading up to liquidation.  At times this requires undertaking a forensic accounting analysis to determine whether the liquidator has a cause of action against any party. 


We also apply our insolvency knowledge to provide related services such as turnaround management, structuring advice and dispute resolution.  In a corporate recovery situation we perform a due diligence type process to quickly identify the key areas of the business and trouble shoot commercial problems.  This often involves working with the company's board and management to agree an action plan, critical success factors and measuring performance.

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